Managing Money God's Way

    We teach persons how to manage money following biblical principles.  We teach this information in two formats; one being a short class which is in conjunction with the Car Care vehicle repair ministry (click) which happens on the second Saturday of each month. The second format is the How To Manage Money God's Way course, which is a nine-week class offering usually meeting on Wednesday evenings, at the church, from 7 pm to 9 pm.  Child care is provided.   

    During the course you will learn to become a "steward" the manager of another's property; how to plan your spending; how to make investments that are truly smart; how to keep accurate records; and you will come to understand the real difference between "needs", "wants", and "desires".  You will come to know God in a new way, from a different perspective, and you will truly develop traits and behaviors that will lead you to become financially free. 

     To learn when the next money management class, or course, Managing Money God's Way course will be offered, please call the Church office (715.268.7390 ex. 10) for the latest schedule of classes. 

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