2016 Mission Team

The Mission Team

   The Mission Team is a group of individuals from the church who like to build...build up people, build homes, help build up new lives in Christ.  Mission Team members are persons who have completed the 9th. grade in high school, through just about any age. Each year we build a new home in the Upper Midwest.  We try to limit our travel distance to no more than a six-hour road trip from Amery WI.  We have built in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, eastern Wisconsin, Duluth, and southern Minnesota.  Our Mission Team becomes a cohesive unit working on fund-raising, Bible studies, and home-building skill development from October through May each year.  

Typically our mission trip occurs during the third full week in June.  We have a send-off worship service, where the congregation, at the conclusion of a worship service, prays us into our vehicles and we leave for our destination.  We have a come-back service when we return from our mission trip, and feature  pictures, music and other related details from our trip enabling all present to experience a part of this ministry.  

    If you would like to join the Mission Team, please contact Pastor Schaefer, at the church, 715.268.7390, or drop him an email, office.ameryucc@gmail and let him know that you are interested and are in need of more information.

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