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    Ruby's Pantry is an amazing outreach ministry. Ruby's Pantry is "open for business" at our church every month on the second Saturday.  We begin distribution of the food at 9 am. Be sure you are here and registered before 8:45 am.  We hold a drawing for a prize at 8:45 am.  We ask that you offer a $20.00 donation to help cover the costs of this food. You will receive much food, so much so, that we encourage you to bring boxes and other "carry containers" with you.

     We never know for sure what we will receive on the semi-truck, but consistently we receive frozen chicken, potatoes, artisan breads, frozen foods, dairy products, and occasionally an assortment of fresh produce. Half of the fun is the surprise of what you will get! ​

     We need you to help volunteer with the Ruby's Pantry food distribution.  We ask that our volunteers arrive no later than 6:30 am on the day of Ruby's Pantry, and we will match you with your abilities and with our needs. We can use volunteers young and old. Monies raised from the Ruby's Pantry go to support the Car Care Ministry, college scholarships, and many other local needs. Ruby's Pantry is NOT a fund-raiser for the church, rather it is a ministry of the church FOR our community!    

We work closely with the UWEX, University of Wisconsin Extension

Click on the pictures to the left and below to be directed to sites packed with information to help you use all of this food you will receive from Ruby's Pantry.  These sites have been recommended by the University of Wisconsin Extension office.  

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